About AxureThemes

Crafted with care in Chicago, Illinois by an Axure enthusiast.

My Brief Story

Hi, my name is Adam.  I'm a UX Designer working out of Chicago, Illinois.  I fell in love with Axure in 2013 but quickly became frustrated with the lack of quality third party support.  Axure is such a powerful tool, even capable of full fidelity design work, and yet few people take advantage.

So I created AxureThemes with the intention of pushing the design capabilities of Axure further.  I think design work in Axure is superior to Photoshop and even HTML/CSS for modern web design because of how fast and easy it is to create interactive prototypes.

My goal is to create superior Axure products, and be a pioneer in what comes next for the industry.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to message me @AxureThemes on Twitter.