Axure Tools for the Modern Web

Ultra high fidelity Axure templates and widget libraries to help you prototype beautifully.

Axure Salesforce Widget Library Preview

iOS 10 Widget Library

• 200+ Widgets
• 19 Starter templates
• iOS Icon library
• 23 Wallpapers, including blurred versions
• iPhone mockups for presentation purposes

Axure Salesforce Widget Library Preview

Salesforce Widget Library

• 200+ widgets (and counting)
• Icon library included
• Hover, active, disabled and selected states
• Based on the Lightning Design System
• Steady updates, to keep up with new Salesforce releases

Axure Salesforce Widget Library Preview

Ultimate Wireframe Kit

• Axure 8
• 202 Screens
• 21 Categories
• 9 Email templates
• Mobile, tablet and desktop designs
• Layouts follow current UX best practices

Axure Bootstrap 4 Widget Library Preview Image

Bootstrap 4 UI Library

• Axure 7 and 8 support
• 231 widgets
• 960 Bootstrap grid included
• Buttons, forms, modals, accordions and more.
• Based on Bootstrap 4 CSS
• Arial and Segoe UI Typeface Libraries

Axure Salesforce Widget Library Preview

Landing Page Builder

• 70+ Mix and Match Components
• Starter Template
• Grid Design
• Global widget styles

Axure UX Flowchart Cards

Google Material Design Icon Library

• 900+ Icons
• Custom shapes (vectors)
• Well organized and labelled
• Edit icon size, shape, color, outlines and gradients

Axit Adaptive Views Landing Page Axure Template

The Everything Bundle

• Every product I've ever made
• And everything I make in the future
• Free updates forever and ever